Tuesday, September 26, 2017


“The Green Your SPIRIT cleanse is by far the best cleanse I’ve ever done from so many standpoints:  the clarity it provided me mentally, the ease –no preparation involved, I was never hungry or felt deprived, the soups and juices were delicious and nourishing and gave me lots of energy and vitality.   There are parts of the cleanse that I have now incorporated into my daily routine and will maintain always.   Mikaële was always available if I had any questions or for support….I’ll be doing it again for sure and can’t recommend the experience more! “

~ Beth George

“Doing this cleanse was a very good experience for me and I learned a lot about nutrient absorption and the role of raw foods in good health. After I finished the cleanse I felt very clean and that I did something really important and beneficial for my digestive system. The entire process was a learning experience and I hope to be able to do the cleanse once per year. Mikaële was awesome! She was informative, supportive and very patient from start to finish. I highly recommend doing the program with her.”

~ Debbie Emery

Cleansing with Green Your SPIRIT has been a transformative experience.  I feel revitalized every time I do it.  I never feel hungry and always feel my body and my mind are clear.  It is an amazing gift to have Mikaële and Rudi helping me on my path to complete health.

Love, Sally Snipes
Mikaele & Green Your Spirit was recommended to me by a friend of a friend, so I felt compelled to meet Mikaele before committing to the cleanse.   I was impressed by Mikaele’s knowledge, professionalism, commitment and her program’s protocol.  Any concerns were immediately put to rest and I began the program the following week.  It was all that was promised and with Mikaele’s encouragement and knowledge so much more.

~Ann K.

My goal was to lose 15 pounds and use GYS cleanse to start the process. After one week on the cleanse, I lost 5 pounds and then lost another 10 pounds over the next four weeks – all without counting calories or weighing foods. During the cleanse, I was never hungry – the soups and green drinks kept me feeling full and hydrated. After the cleanse, Mik’s delicious recipes have kept me going – each weekend I make a delicious tahini dressing and my entire family uses it that week on salads, in live-grain burritos, and on vegetables. Together with the juicing, I feel lighter and have more energy than ever. My skin is clear and my sleep is deep. Best of all, I’ve lost the desire to eat unhealthy foods. Thank you, Mik!

~Johanna Kleppe

Not only did I feel well, really well,  but the process wasn’t  harsh and I didn’t suffer…on the contrary, I felt completely satisfied during the week and was able to maintain that feeling of well being even afterwards by small moderations in my diet… Thank you!

~Patience Moore

I really, really liked the cleanse, It got me stated on healthier eating again. It was easy to do the cleanse. After the first days, I had more energy and feel better. And that continues. I cannot totally live that way, but I find that my tastes have changed a bit. I tolerate less sweets and have no cravings for red meat. I do my green juice every day and miss it when I don’t. Thank you! It worked for me!

~Liv Asbo

Doing the 5 day cleanse with Mikaele created a major transformation in my health.

I always considered myself fortunate to be blessed with excellent health, strong immune system and able to work hard under constant pressure and rarely get sick.

That all changed for me in April 2008. On the intl flight returning from a trip to India and Oman, I started coughing and itching over my entire body.

As an international tour operator I travel quite alot and do have this coughing reaction after exposure to pollution and air born bacteria. I drink herbal teas, rest, take immune boosting herbs and it goes away on its own. sometimes though can take up to 3 mos if I am returning in the heart of the Bay Area winter.

This time the cough got more and more intense. as did the itch. I coughed 24/7, could not get more than 2 hours sleep and I will spare the other horrifying details that the cough triggered.  After 3 mos I went to a doctor who gave me an oxygen treatment, an inhaler and a bottle of codeine.  I was taking an over the counter anti-histimine which helped the itch as long as I took a pill every day.  A week later the cough just kept getting worse. This doctor referred me to an asthma/allergy specialist.  I was told I definitely had asthma and allergies though they could tell yet what was triggering the allergic reaction.  Over the next 12 mos I had three dosages of prednizone, two different prescription nasal sprays to control the drip which was 1 ting that triggered the cough, three different inhalers, day time cough suppressants and night time cough meds to sleep and a trip to Marin General’s emergency room in the middle of the night.  Before this I had not taken any prescription or over the counter medicines for anything in maybe 10 years!

I saw a pulminologist and another asthma/allergy specialist and all the test were run without any answers.  Their only plan was to keep me on all the meds.  (and these meds were not even all that effective!).

When I mentioned concern about side-effects of long time use from these meds, some of them being steroids, the doctor’s reply was “all medicines have side effects and if you don’t take these your lungs will continue to get worse.”

This comment infuriated me and I was determined to find a solution on my own. Throughout my life I  held the belief that diet greatly affects daily as well as long-term health and quality of life.

For nearly 40 years my diet has been mainly veg, whole grains, some fish and chicken occasionally; eggs maybe once a week; rarely cheese. I never ate white flour, white sugar, white rice, pasta or potatoes.  During the course of this illness I tried on my own to eliminate different foods that I thought might be triggers. I stopped drinking wine and beer, all dairy, wheat. still nothing changed.

When I received the email about Green Your Spirit cleanse, I was ready for a focused, more intense program and for guidance in the process. I wholeheartedly embraced the program and never looked back!  I did the suggested pre-cleanse diet and colonic; I stopped drinking my yerba matte tea (the only caffeine I had still be drinking); eagerly looked forward to Mikaele’s morning deliveries and really enjoyed each “meal.”  By the 3rd day I  stopped taking all the meds and slept straight through the night without waking with a coughing seizure. The itch disappeared.  My energy returned in full force.  I felt like myself–full of life !  Since the cleanse I have maintained a regime of wheat grass and veg-sprout juice for breakfast, salad for luch with Mik’s yummy tahini dressing and steamed veg with quinoa or millet for dinner.   I have not taken any meds now for about a month. The cough is still there but ever so small and mostly upon waking and sometimes in the evening before bedtime. For the first time in 1.5 years I do have confidence that I wil heal completely eventually with time and patience and continuing the diet and regime on my own.  The cleanse program taught me, in the most profound way, the power of natural foods and herbs and renewed my commitment to stick with the foods that work for me.  I paln to do the 5 day cleanse at least three times a year.

~Barbara Sansome