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Playdate 4 a Cause FUNdraiser Workout

FUNdraiser Workout

WHEN: Sunday 10/28/12
WHAT TIMES: 1:00-2:00pm OR 2:15-3:15pm
WHERE: The Bar Method Encino
In The Plaza de Oro Complex
17227 Ventura Blvd., Encino, CA 91316
818.995.2995 • encino@barmethod.com

Family Love Village is passionate about serving the bigger community and we do this by supporting like-minded organizations and events through our Playdates 4 a Cause (P4AC) program. This month we have chosen to support an organization called POP Campaign (www.popcampaign.org).

A Special Message on GMO Labeling & Prop 37

Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement, Dr. Gabriel Cousins, Viktoras Kulvinskas, Cheri Soria, and many other health educators and healthy businesses are taking a very strong stand in favor of Proposition 37 in California to label genetically engineered food. There is no real argument here. this is a no brainer… and a must…but we have to get the word out. This passage will effect the entire nation on GMO labeling.

3 TO 3 TO 3 TO MAKE HISTORY – we are sparking our networks to ask you to connect with at least 3 people to connect with 3 people to connect with 3 other people who live in California or know someone in California to:


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GMO Issues Are Heating Up in Washington and around the Country  – Join Us through the POP Campaign in Getting Specific Legislative Action

The POP Campaign has been busy in Washington with genetically modified and engineered (GMO/GE) food issues and seeking TRUTH in the labeling of these lab-created “franken” foods.

There are a number of issues in motion on this topic (POP is showing up) …help all of us preserve access to PURE ORGANIC FOODS and to choose vibrant health for our inner AND outer environment.

You can make a BIG difference NOW by taking actions on www.popcampaign.org TODAY!

Mikaële Featured on the California Closets Blog

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“Is Feng Shui the Organizing Answer You’ve Been Searching For?”  Melissa Mansfield features Mikaële in this fabulous interview on the California Closets blog.  The focus is her unique way of using feng shui as a tool for personal transformation.

This is what she covers:

~ What feng shui actually is

~ What common problems it can solve

~ Four easy steps to get started with feng shui

~ Having fun during the transformation process, like “Fun Shui.”

“Even moving one thing can help release old energy, and get people back to the present – focusing on what they want to move forward.”

12 Tips to Transform with Feng Shui:

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1) Your home is a reflection of who you are. Objectively look at the objects, artwork, colors, lighting and other symbols to see what they are saying and what vibe they are creating.  Remove objects that are not “you” anymore and place new things in your home that reflect your passions, beliefs, values and dreams.
2) Keep your windows clean to reflect a clear outlook when viewing the outside world and keep mirrors clean so you see yourself clearly and not distorted.  Do not ever use cracked or warped mirrors, as they also distort your image.
3) Plants and flowers represent health, growth, vitality and life force energy, place them throughout your house to revitalize, energize and circulate energy.  Plants also give oxygen.  Clear out dead plants and dried flowers.  Place plants in stagnant corners to promote more flow.
4) Be aware of how your art and photographs effect you consciously or subconsciously.  Clear out old photos that do not serve you any longer.  Hang artwork and photos that inspire, uplift, rejuvenate, bring a sense of peace, humor, joy, laughter, spiritual connection or whatever you wish to “feel” at home.  If your refrigerator is full of photos, clear them off from time to time and update with new energy.
5) De-Clutter regularly, especially under your bed, as this energy has life even if you can’t see it, and can effect your sleep patterns and dreams.
6) Turn off wireless Internet at night (EMF’s) and remove as many electrical devices in the bedroom as possible including the TV in order to rejuvenate and heal during sleep, and keep your office work space separate from your bedroom (or at least use a divider so you can’t see your work projects from the bed)
7) Music can quickly create a new vibe in your home.  Use music to help move stagnant energy or emotions, to create peace and calm, to uplift or motivate, to bring on romance, fun or playfulness or whatever mood you wish to activate.  Music moves!  Disco anyone?
8)Water symbolizes prosperity, energy and flow.  Hang pictures of water (oceans, rivers, lakes, streams) or place a fountain, aquarium or flowers in water around your home, however, no fountains in the bedroom, unless it’s turned off while sleeping, as it can be too stimulating
9) Clear your space after de-cluttering, after an argument or intense energy enters your space or when you move into a new space – even while staying in hotel rooms.  Clap your hands up and down each corner to disperse stagnant energy, burn sage in each room, open windows and doors to let fresh air in, light candles and visualize your home as a peaceful sanctuary and a blessing to all who enter it.
10) Illuminate your space with a balance of colors.  Pay attention to which colors stimulate and energize like reds (passion) and oranges (confidence, optimism), which colors feel healing and calming like greens (growth, abundance, balance) or blues (inner peace, patience), which ones inspire – maybe shades of yellow or gold.  White can represent purity and grace – too much can feel sterile.  Black can represent mystery or stillness – too much can be depressing.  Purple can activate spiritual and psychic awareness.
11) Use mirrors to make a small room look bigger, or to bring light to a dark space.  Be careful of what the mirror is doubling – make sure it’s reflecting beauty, and not clutter.
12) Give thanks to all that you have, and keep the abundance flowing by continuously giving and receiving equally.

Need a personal Feng Shui Transformation Coach?  enquire here

Feng Shui Your Life

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Do you consider your home your sanctuary where you feel inspired, rejuvenated and at peace?

If not, feng shui can be a powerful way to release old energy, get more organized, and create a space that activates your life passions, whatever they may be.

Over the last 11 years, I have worked with clients from coast to coast to de-clutter, organize, feng shui, design and green their homes and office spaces, as well as computers and other electronics.

My practice integrates feng shui and design with personal coaching to bring spark, balance, creativity, personal fulfillment, vibrant health, passion and abundance back into life.  The end result is a beautiful home and various levels of personal transformation and clearing.

POP Into Action

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Green Your SPIRIT and The Hippocrates Health Institute launched The POP Campaign as an empowering stand to keep our voices and choices alive, keep organic standards pure, keep ourselves and others informed and educated and to take action in the name of healthy lifestyles…vibrant, hearty, organic, alive and responsible.  It is our mindset, choices, actions and quality of food and the environment that make a difference.

Whoever controls our food controls us.  We want to keep our freedom to choose healthy organic food for ourselves, and for the integrity of the environment.  Any toxicity within our inner AND outer environments is not tolerated; there is no going back.  There is no place for harmonization except with our own individual healthy human blueprint, communities, freedom and potential. This is our voice!

12 Easy Ways to Be Greener

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“Going Green” is at the forefront of many people’s consciousness; however, there are millions just beginning their green journey and looking for fun ways to bridge over to a healthier inner AND outer environment.  Here are 12 easy things you can do today to be a little greener.  (Even some tips for the seasoned choir).  Pick 3 or more that you are not already doing and commit to doing them this year.  Every new choice and action makes a huge difference!

1) Bring your own bags to the store:
Forget about paper and plastic… neither are a good alternative.  Use durable cloth bags or totes made from recycled material and keep them in your car.  Reuse the plastic produce bags leftover from when you were “not as green”… we all know they last a long time :).

Super Groovy Eco-Bags

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I just found the coolest eco-bags ever on the greengrassdesign website.  They are recycled Asian feed and rice bags that are beautifully handcrafted by disadvantaged and disabled women in Cambodia.  They are lined with 100% cotton, fully certified fair trade, and are colorful and fun!  They have tote bags, messenger bags, shopping bags and more.  Check them out!



The Story of Stuff

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imagesHey everyone!  If you haven’t already watched Annie Leonard’s 20 minute video “The Story of Stuff,” you definitely should do it now.  I had to post this brilliant video on Green Your SPIRIT, as it “exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It’ll teach you something, it’ll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever.”

7 Million people have watched this since it was launched in 2007… Check it out!

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