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Cheers to the New Years Evolution!

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P1010037I love this time of year… after Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and all the seasonal holidays… when the New Year has come in for a landing.  I like to call it the New Years Evolution as we let go of the old and make room for the new.  Each year, Rudi and I take a journey back through the past year to acknowledge our accomplishments, give thanks for our blessings and decide which of our thoughts, words and actions to “compost and recycle” before designing the core elements of the coming year.  We cry, we laugh, we get super creative and reflective, we go into “dreamtime” and basically get silly and have a lot of fun!

This year we did a lot of beautiful ritual on the hours leading up to midnight with a group of other like-minded people in the Bay Area.  There is nothing more refreshing than taking the time to acknowledge our past experiences with both joy and grief as we let go and set intentions with the qualities we desire most for the coming year… especially with community!

Some of the things we did included writing on paper our limiting patterns, beliefs and habits that we wanted to release of from last year and decade; then, we had a fire ceremony and burned the paper, making space for new openings.  We also planted seeds for ourselves, our family members and core friends for an abundant harvest of  joy, kindness, prosperity and love in 2010.  We made a vision board by cutting out images from magazines, using stickers, drawing with crayons and other things (my favorite ritual)!  As midnight approached, we all lit a candle for our new intentions for the coming year, took a few moments of silence and gathered in a big circle each with a drum or instrument.  We started drumming one at a time around the circle and, as the intensity grew and grew, we focused on letting go of the last decade… acknowledging the ups, the downs, lessons, loves, hurts and everything in between, to make room for the creations in the New Year… especially the co-creation of what we call the New Earth where we have a balance of health for our inner and outer environment.  What a sweet way to celebrate the New Years 2010! We had a lot of fun.

Because we’re completely “cleanse-happy”, some of the other things we have been doing, not only for New Years, but throughout the year as well, is cleanse our bodies with green juice fasts, sauna sweats, meditation baths, salt scrubs and colonics.  We also de-clutter the house and donate lots of goodies to those in need.  We feng shui the computer, which I’m still working on…(catching up on emails, deleting as much as possible, organizing contacts, creating new systems, clearing digital photos that didn’t make the cut and on and on. Rudi kind of holds on to his pants to keep up on this one :)   It feels amazing to do these things, and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to facilitate many other people through this process through Green Your SPIRIT juice cleanses, feng shui, de-cluttering and organizing.

I want to thank all of my clients from coast to coast, for the amazing opportunities and experiences we have had working together… thanks for your openness, your sharing, for supporting me and for being you!  Thanks for having the courage to let go and create new grander visions.  Thanks for your love, support and word-of-mouth referrals.  Thanks for making a difference in the world by taking time to cleanse your inner and outer environments!  Thanks so much for so many wonderful lessons and expansions along the way!   Let’s make 2010 one of the healthiest years ever!

Happy 2010!  Cheers to the New Years Evolution and a Cleanse-Happy New Year!

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