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Chia Seed Pudding and More!

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ChiaheartChia is the Mayan word for strength, and Indians in Southern Mexico know chia seeds as “Indian Running Food.” In the raw food world, chia seeds are being hailed as a near perfect food as they are easy to digest, promote healthy elimination, are the highest known plant source of the essential fatty acid, Omega 3, are between 19 to 23% protein and have lots of soluble fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Welcome to Green Your SPIRIT

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bee-flowerGreen Your SPIRIT™ is a lifestyle company for vibrant health, longevity, empowerment and fun!

Welcome to our vivacious health hub that is filling up with top notch resources, services, events, info and products designed to renew and re-power the HUMAN SPIRIT in daily life.

Let’s fire up the glow in our inner AND outer environments together, by making one healthier choice at a time for our body, mind, spirit, home, business and planet!

Ahhhhh, the movement towards Sustainable Radiance™!

Health Coaching

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yellow-flower2Learn to shift your diet and lifestyle to bring your health and radiance to a new level!

We will discuss your health history, lifestyle and goals, then determine an action plan to transform your lifestyle for vibrant health, energy, vitality, joy and more!

– Health Assessment
– Menu Ideas
– Nutritional Plan
– Lifestyle Plan
– Weekly or Monthly Coaching

Call Today!

Mikaële Holzer 415-272-8885

Happy World Vegan Month!

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00001739 (Medium) (Small)As people are becoming increasingly aware of what they eat and how it correlates with the health of their bodies and immune system, they are also beginning to see the correlation between food and the health of the planet.  In other words, our inner and outer environments are connected.

Meat production (beef, poultry and other animal protein) is one of the LARGEST contributers to environmental pollution in the world.  Raising animals for food contributes to an unbelievable amount of pollution in the Earths water, topsoil, fossil fuels and other natural resources.  It is also responsible for mass destruction of rain forests, species extinction, climate change and more.  Meat production has quadrupled in the past 50 years and livestock now outnumber people 3 to 1… basically, the population of livestock is growing at a faster rate than the human population! (FAO, FAOSTAT Agricultural Data 2002 www.fao.org).