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ENZYMES! The Most Important Element to Vibrant Health

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Enzymes are it!

They are the energy spark of all life.  They are what make life possible.  We would not be able to smell, touch, taste, feel, move or think without them!  Did you know that we are all born with the ability to make only a limited number of enzymes throughout our whole life, and that number is based on our DNA?  This is called our “ENZYME POTENTIAL,” according to Dr. Edward Howell, “the father of food enzyme research”. Howell compares enzymes to construction workers that build your house.  They are the labor force that build and sustain your body.  Our limited amount of enzyme activity must last us a lifetime… once we run low, we begin to age and diseases may form.  Once we run out, our life ends.  I’ve come to learn that in order to increase longevity, vibrant health and overall quality of life, we need to preserve and increase our enzyme potential.  Here’s the deal: