Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Our Signature 5 Day Cleanse Package

Happily serving Marin County since 2009!

Our Green Your SPIRIT signature 5 Day Juice Cleanse package is personalized and hand-crafted in small batches with the highest quality organic produce and superfoods made exclusively to give you the best guidance and cleanse experience ever!

Our 5 day signature cleanse is designed to help you detox, shed old weight, get your energy and healthy glow back and completely rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit!  

Your cleanse package includes:

1) A personalized pre-cleanse prep session over the phone

2) A cleansing guide with pre and post cleansing instructions

3) Simple, delicious plant-based recipes and tips for pre and post cleansing

4) Daily guidance with Mikaële, certified cleansing & health educator by the Hippocrates Health Institute

5) 8 hand crafted, small-batch cleansing drinks and supplements, made fresh each day and packed in a personal cooler with an ice pack to be delivered or picked up… in Marin County.  Each day you will put your empty jars back in the cooler with your ice pack to be picked up, while a new fresh cooler is dropped off.

Our Signature Daily Cooler (8 drinks + 2 shots + supplement pack):

~3 Green Juices Packed w/ Sunflower Sprouts
~1 Raw Savory Avocado Soup
~ 1 Superfood Protein Berry Smoothie
~1 Adaptogenic Herbal Detox Tea or Chickpea Miso Mineral Broth
~1 Detox Lemon-Ginger-Turmeric Elixir (Energy Herbs Optional)
~1 Raw Blue Coconut Water (with Blue Majik)
~Chlorophyll & Blue Green Algae Shots
~Chlorella & HHI Digestive Enzymes
~ Infused with Massive Love!

*Drinks can be modified for particular health or caloric needs and desires. *Free delivery available in many areas of Marin, but not all.

Call Mikaële at 415-272-8885 or email mik@greenyourspirit.com to set up your cleanse prep session and reserve your spot! Our current special for summer 2017 for this exclusive package is only $525 ($40 off the regular price)!!

(We also have “Build Your Own” cleanses available to fit your specific nutritional needs and budget, and we have private coaching if you’d like to learn how to create and make your own cleanses!)

Detox  .  Cleanse  .  Rejuvenate  .  Reclaim Your Vibrant Spark!

By choice, we are a small local business, and one of the very first guided cleanses in The Bay Area.  We pay attention to quality, nutritional potency and detail to your specific needs. We love what we do, and are here to support you in this cleanse process all the way! Thank you for choosing Green Your Spirit!







Your Daily Cleanse Coolers Include:
Can be modified – 8 drinks (16oz each) + supplements.

3 – Green Juices w/ Sunflower Sprouts
Our high protein, organic, sprouted juices are artisan-crafted in small batches each day.  They are loaded with potent nutrients & powerhouse sunflower sprouts that are known to purify, alkalize, cleanse the blood and absorb immediately, and they are high in complete protein.  Ingredients: Combinations of Cucumber, Kale, Parsley, Sunflower Sprouts, Pea Sprouts, Lemon and other beautiful greens. (apple, jalapeños or ginger can be added)

1 – Raw Savory Avocado Energy Soup
Popping with Flavor & Super Delicious. High in fiber and tons of essential minerals and nutrients! 
Ingredients: Spring water, lemon, cucumber, avocado, and other various greens, veggies, herbs, chickpea miso and spices.

1 – Raw Blue Coconut Water  
RAW coconut water is an incredible electrolyte drink. We crack the coconuts open ourselves! We add blue majik (phycocyanin) which makes this drink not only gorgeous looking, but packed with extra nutrients especially for inflammation.

1- Detox Lemon Elixir with Ginger, Turmeric, Cayenne & Cinnamon:
These ingredients are known to boost your immune system, stimulate healthy digestion, help with detox, and contain anti-inflammatory properties!  Ingredients: Organic lemon juice, ginger juice, turmeric juice, cayenne, cinnamon, spring water, a little stevia. (drink cold or warm) – ***Energy herbs can be added to this drink for you coffee drinkers. You will get a boost without burning out your adrenals!

1-Berry Protein Superfood Smoothie
Vibe-Up your body! These delicious smoothies are great for workouts & recovery, as well as building muscle and replenishing and energizing your body.  Ingredients: Sun Warrior Protein Powder, Spirulina, Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Various Organic Berries, Banana OR Avocado, Spring Water. Sometimes we add other superfoods like maca, lucuma, moringa, chlorella, goji, camu camu etc…

1-Chickpea Miso Mineral Broth
Loaded with minerals with a delicious soothing flavor!

1- Shot of Blue Green Algae and Chlorella Tablets
Excellent sources of pre-digested protein (over 60%), chlorophyll, and essential fatty acids.  Algae has been known to enhance the immune system, purify the blood, energize the body, balance emotions, focus the mind, and foster overall well being.

1 Shot of Chlorophyll

Digestive Enzymes
LifeGive HHI-Zymes provide essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in a blend of stimulating, cleansing digestive aids designed to support the assimilation of foods and healthy digestion.

Additional Information:

All cleansing foods are raw and organic.  Juices and soups are prepared fresh each day with love, and delivered in the late afternoon/evening so they will be ready for you each morning.  Delivery or pick-up in most areas Marin is free.  Check your area when you sign up.  Delivery may include a small fee in some areas of Marin.  Check for group cleanses in San Francisco and the East Bay.  Group Discounts available!

Start Your Cleanse Now!  Call today to find out about seasonal specials and pricing: 415-272-8885 or mik@greenyourspirit.com


Why Cleanse?

Our modern world is full of toxins. Chemicals and pollutants found in our food, water, homes and in the air accumulate in our bodies on a daily basis.  This build up may cause dysfunction and an array of health conditions including weight gain, fatigue, allergies, headaches, memory, mood problems, chronic diseases and more.

It is essential for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health to rid the body of built up toxins by cleansing regularly and eating more live green nutrient dense foods and juices. Cleansing gives your digestive system a rest while giving the body a chance to release old toxins and heal naturally.

Why Try the Green Your SPIRIT Cleanse?

The Green Your SPIRIT Cleanse is an organic, vegan, live juice and green superfood cleanse that facilitates the body to eliminate toxins, improve digestion and normalize metabolism while you rejuvenate, alkalize and reclaim your vibrant spark!

Each day, whether for 5 days or more, you will receive the energy and nutrition of whole, live, organic juices, soups and other drinks fully loaded with enzymes, chlorophyll, alkaline nutrients, protein, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants – all absorbed immediately giving you vibrant clean energy throughout the day!  You will maintain your energy and not feel hungry on this cleanse as you are flooding your body with vital nutrients.

Cleansing and Juicing Can Help:

~Increase Energy and Longevity
~Shed Unwanted Weight Quickly
~Improve Mental Clarity and Focus
~Elevate Sex Drive and Stamina
~Restore Biochemical Balance and Lift Mood
~Detox Environmental Pollutants
~Improve Digestion
~Boost Immune System
~Promote Clear Skin
~Give Your Organs a Rest
~Kick Caffeine and other unwanted Addictions
~Improve Auto Immune Diseases
~Balance PH
~Boost Metabolism
~Elevate Spiritual Awakening
~Clean the Colon and Digestive Tract
~Reverse Chronic Fatigue
~Alleviate Allergies
~Balance Hormones
~Prevent Colds and Flu
~Increase Skin Elasticity
~Cleanse the Blood of Parasites and Yeast
~Relieve PMS Symptoms
~ Improve Memory
~Balance Blood Pressure
~Improve Sleep Patterns
~Strengthen Bones
~Reduce Joint Pain
~Increase Fertility
~Vibrant Physical rejuvenation
~Improve Thyroid Function
~Alleviate Headaches
~Combat Viruses

The Green Your SPIRIT 5 Day Cleanse is a great way to kick-start a healthy, vibrant lifestyle!

Contact: 415-272-8885 or mik@greenyourspirit.com