Tuesday, September 26, 2017

GYS Products

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E3liveE3 Live Blue Green Algae Crystals

This is the ultimate brain food! E3 Live Provides 64 vitamins, minerals and enzymes and more chlorophyll than any other known food. Possible benefits include increased energy and mental focus, lifted mood, weight loss, immune system boost, reverse aging and more!

$25.30 / bottle 

lg-hhi-zyme-mLifeGive HHI-Zymes – Digestive Enzymes

This is the highest quality digestive enzyme on the market, tested, approved and used by the world famous Hippocrates Health Institute. Provides essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes to enhance digestion of foods. Take these enzymes especially if you eat cooked foods!

$97.00 / 750 caps

chlorella-box-bag-pillsOrganic Chlorella

Effectively filters toxins out of your body, boosts your immune system, promotes growth and renewal of body tissues, aids in better digestion, energizes and reinvigorates your body, and helps reduce occasional bad breath!

$21.80 (450 Tablets)



Perio Paste Toothpaste 4oz

PerioPaste promotes healthy gums and teeth blending Lysine, folic acid and CoQ10 with key herbs and the patented extract Phytoplenolin.  This blend is sweetened with Xylitol and is preservative-free, sodium-lauryl sulfate free and flouride free.  PerioPaste naturally whitens and leaves breath fresh and sparkling clean for hours.  It’s THE BEST toothpaste we’ve found to date and there’s no other like it on the market.

$8.00 / 4oz Tube
$13.00 / Perioclear Mouthwash – 16oz


GYS Iodine

Unlike other iodine, GYS iodine is detoxified, ingestable and 99% bio-available unparalleled in potentially helping to support and saturate the thyroid for proper functioning.

$26.00 / 1/2 fluid oz bottle


GS 2000 Greenstar JuicerGreenStar 2000 Juicer

Our favorite best-selling juicer! Juices wheatgrass and vegetables with power and ease. This Juicer also makes nut butters, frozen desserts and more… and it’s easy to clean!

$459.00 includes shipping, accessories and DVD (Call 415-272-8885 to order)

Excalibur Dehydrator

This is our favorite dehydrator by far. There are 9 tray, 5 tray or 4 tray units available. Click here to purchase: Excalibur



Bernard Jensen Dry Skin Brush

Stimulate your lymphatic system and brush off the dead skin before you shower!