Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Recommended Services, Practitioners & Educators

The following talented and passionate providers work locally and globally to enhance your journey towards optimum health.  We whole heartedly recommend the following services, practitioners and educators:

Bodywork / Therapeutic Massage

1) Joel Hillman of Barefoot Compression Therapy is VERY highly recommended for his amazing deep tissue bodywork and therapeutic massage, which is awesome for any kind of pain or injury!   (415)-461-4308.  San Rafael.

Colon Hydrotherapy

1) Trudie London, San Rafael, CA: (415) 459-4461.  Trudie is an EXPERT colon hydrotherapist who facilitates people to cleanse and rebuild their colon and digestive system masterfully with love, joy and lots of TLC.

2) The Detox Lounge with Grace Janho, Kentfield, CA.  (415)-457-1499.  Grace uses the LIBBE system, also known as gravity-fed or open system.


1) Dr. Noah Kaplan, Very talented Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractor focusing on the top 2 bones in the neck (c1 and c2) and the function of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), which are critical to optimum health and wellness.

2) Cafe of Life Marin, Seth is recommended especially for spinal decompression therapy at the Cafe of Life Marin.  (415)-389-1098, Mill Valley.

3) Larrie Goldsmith is Rudi’s favorite for Chiropractic Active Release (ART).  He has referred many car accidents cases to Larrie with rapid impeccable success!

Living Food Lifestyle Educators

1) Michael Bergonzi – Wheatgrass Greenhouse – Dynamic Lecturer, Green House and Wheatgrass Guru and Consultant

Far Infrared Sauna

1) Joseph Smith Massage and Therapy Center has the best prices for use of a Far Infrared Sauna, and it’s brand new!  $10, call (415)-383-8260.  Mill Valley

Progressive Integrative Medicine

1) Dr. Beth McDougall of the Clear Center, Mill Valley. (415) 388-5520

2) Dan Dunphy, PA and Naturopath is our live-blood cell guru in the Bay Area (San Francisco).  He also does heavy metal chelation therapy and so much more! (415) 566-1000.


1) YogaWorks Mill Valley. Great prices, atmosphere and variety of teachers and styles.  Call for a free pass to this sweet studio:  (415) 318-7650

Wheatgrass and Sprouts

1) Grateful Greens (SF Bay Area Delivery)

Grateful Greens is dedicated to supporting your efforts in optimal nutrition by providing fresh, organically grown and certified premium quality Wheatgrass and Sprouts. These offerings are provided from a food safe environment audited by a third party and via processes which insure exceptional freshness and amazing premium quality. Their passion is to deliver highly nutritious, food safe, fresh and great tasting offerings with each order . . . . . having orders filled correctly and delivered as expected.  Grateful Greens

2) Green Horse Wheatgrass Farm: Michael Blum will meet you in various locations throughout Marin on Mon – Wed and Fri to buy wheatgrass and sprouts off his truck.  Great quality!  707-477-5691

3) Got Sprouts: Very high quality seeds – tell Sean and Mike that we sent you.  561-689-9464

4) Wheatgrass Kits: Indoor/outdoor racks and Trays for Sprouting wheatgrass, sunflower and pea sprouts