Tuesday, September 26, 2017


 Green Your SPIRIT™ – Vibing-Up to the Next Level…

*Cleanses, Classes, Superfoods & Vibrant Health Education*

Mikaële Dawn Tate is the founder of Green Your SPIRIT, Co-Founder of the POP Campaign, and Organizer of the “Rhythm ‘n Greens Health Meetup Group… Combining Music with Vibrant Health in Bay Area!

Green Your SPIRIT is a “Vibe’d-Up” Health Hub filled with top notch resources, services, classes, education and products designed to renew and re-power the HUMAN SPIRIT in daily life.

We offer private and group detox cleanses, as well as health and nutrition coaching in person or via phone, superfood & cleansing classes, health retreats, kitchen make-overs, Live food prep classes, Intensive life-change facilitation… that’s just the beginning!

“Let’s fire up the glow in our inner AND outer environments together, by making one healthier choice at a time for our body, mind, spirit, home, business and planet!” 

About Mikaële Dawn Tate

Mikaële is a Health Educator Certified by the World-Renown Hippocrates Health Institute, Nutrition & Vibrant Lifestyle Coach, Detox Cleansing Facilitator & World Traveler.

For over 14 years, Mikaële has worked with clients from New York to California and adventured around the world studying with indigenous cultures and other teachers gathering and sharing leading-edge tools for transformation, evolution and vibrant health.

She experienced a profound awakening when her mother died of cancer in 1999, and is passionate about sharing what she has learned on her personal health journey, bringing balance and spark to body, mind, spirit, home and planet.

Her passion is facilitating clients to detox, cleanse and rejuvenate their physical bodies and minds through live-nutrition, cleansing and healthier lifestyle choices, as well as their homes and offices through “modern” feng shui principals.  All part of  “greening the SPIRIT” and “Vibing-Up” to feel lighter and more energized while fully enjoying the gift of life!

“Sing, dance, play, love, adventure, fun, synchronicity… these are just some of the things that may happen after feeling more cleansed on all levels!”

Mikaële also teaches an array of classes and workshops around the world on detox cleansing, superfoods, longevity and optimum health.

The Green Your SPIRIT Mission

  ~To Unite environmental awareness and healthy living withSPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE

~ To educate and support people in the living foods lifestyle

~ To clean up the toxicity in our inner AND outer environments (body, mind, spirit, planet), one green choice at a time

~ To ignite individuals, communities, schools, governments and businesses towards “zero waste” in thought, word and action

~ To fire the spark within to live in our fullest human potential as we step out of the old world and become co-creators of the “New Earth.”

“The same actions we take to restore the Earth, can be taken to restore our bodies, our minds and our own human spirit”. ~Mikaële Holzer

The Point

In today’s world of hyper change, many are accustomed to feeling less potent as our life-force can become deeply depleted by stress, fear, toxic food, disease, massive earth shifts, information overload and a “rock and roll” economy etc.

Our inner AND outer environments, have become compromised as we may appear now as “rough cuts” of our original spark, buried from our true human potential – like “diamonds in the rough”.  The casualties of environmental abuse and economic quagmire have spilled over into our human condition – reflecting a “bankruptcy of the human spirit” and depleted life force.  Nature is on life-support and we have an ambivalence towards ourselves and the human race.

People have been waiting for a new inspiration, a new way of living and being in the world individually and with family, friends, businesses and communities.  Well, the time is NOW, and we all have the power!  We are moving into what people are calling the “New Earth.”

Every new green choice we make for our body, mind, spirit and planet, counts towards creating this new way of life, “New Earth” frequency and new magnificent vibe. Every new green choice puts us one step further into our human power where freedom and abundance thrive.

Now is the time to take a stand and green our individual and collective spirit back to its original spark, become architects of the “New Earth” and create Sustainable RadianceTM for ourselves, the earth and beyond.

Thanks for joining in the movement towards Sustainable Radiance™!  ~ Mikaële