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Post Thanksgiving Cleanses

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gyscoolerSign up for one of our 5 day all-inclusive cleanses happening (in MARIN) right after Thanksgiving… we have a few spaces left!
December 2nd – Dec 6th
December 9th – Dec 13th

***If you don’t live in Marin, scroll down for other cleansing options!!
Cleanse Package Includes:
1) Private Consultation
2) Pre-Cleansing Instructions and Guidance
3) Recipes and Food Ideas
4) Skin Brush, Bath Salts, Enema Supplies, Laminated superfood chart
5) All juices, soups, cleansing elixirs and more made fresh each day and delivered or picked up in Southern Marin
6) Guidance on getting back on solid foods in a healthier way after your cleanse
7) Good deals on juicers and supplements for on-going health after the cleanse (if you choose)
All for only $565.00
(Non-Refundable Deposit Required to Reserve your Spot)
Please let us know ASAP if you would like to join in our December CLEANSES (mik@greenyourspirit.com), and we can get you started on pre-cleansing right away.  Also thank you for spreading the word to others in need of purifying, resetting and greening their body, mind and SPRIT!
(If you don’t live in Marin and desire an in depth personalized cleansing & nutrition plan of action, please schedule a one on one phone consultation… $150 for 1.5 hours).  Read about my background and training at The Hippocrates Health Institute HERE.

For additional info and to reserve a space:
contact Mikaële at mik@greenyourspirit.com


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