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Liquitarian Wednesday’s

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1452397_10201726924967142_333138410_nHave you ever been a liquitarian for a day?

We are getting back on the “liquid-only Wednesdays” bandwagon to give our digestive system a break, release toxins, flood the bod with nutrients, boost immune system and heal up anything unseen that might be out of whack… who’s in?

(No I don’t mean coffee, soda, booze, milk and red bull ya’ll… I mean healthy superfood smoothies, veggie juices, aloe vera juice, raw soups and that kind of thang!).

Please join us and get creative with your healthy liquid libations and please do share photos and recipes with us on our “Green Your SPIRIT Facebook Page” … we will share new drink recipes every Wednesday along with others:

If you can’t do Wednesday’s, pick another day of the week and join in the fun!

In the photo above: Green Juice = cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley, kale, dandelion greens and lemon. The orange drink is = turmeric root, spring water, lemon and stevia

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