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GMO Issues Are Heating Up in Washington and around the Country  – Join Us through the POP Campaign in Getting Specific Legislative Action

The POP Campaign has been busy in Washington with genetically modified and engineered (GMO/GE) food issues and seeking TRUTH in the labeling of these lab-created “franken” foods.

There are a number of issues in motion on this topic (POP is showing up) …help all of us preserve access to PURE ORGANIC FOODS and to choose vibrant health for our inner AND outer environment.

You can make a BIG difference NOW by taking actions on www.popcampaign.org TODAY!

There are a number of issues in motion on this topic including an effort to make this issue part of the 2012 campaign discussion and debate at all levels.

Two immediate efforts are in play:

  • Bi-Cameral Letter: Senate & House joint letter to the FDA requesting Mandatory Labeling
  • GMO/GE Bills: Three pieces of legislation introduced by Congressman Dennis Kucinich regarding GMO/GE foods and seeds. (POP is also seeking a Senate version)

What can you do to help?

Please visit the POPCampaign.org website and get the letter template you can send to your representatives – please note a target date.

Also, Get involved in talking to candidates at all levels of government during this 2012 election cycle and let them know that protecting organic foods and farming is important to you and that you want mandatory labeling of all genetically engineered foods.

Stay in touch with and support any more Citizen Petitions and the Labeling Signature gathering in California.

Please Donate to POP if you care about these issues:

Click Here for Paypal

or send a check to:

The POP Campaign
20 Sunnyside Ave, Suite A113
Mill Valley, CA 94941





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