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Raw Potluck & Lecture with Brandi Rollins: Raw Food On a Budget!

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When: January 10th, 2012 at 6:30pm

Where: Upper Cervical Health Center

Price: $5 Donation


RAW POTLUCK with with Brandi Rollins Lecture: Raw Foods on a Budget


Learning how to live raw foods on a budget is more than just about finding cheap produce. It’s a way of LIFE!

Author of Raw Foods on a Budget, Brandi Rollins takes a holistic approach to food budgeting by teaching people HOW and WHERE to buy inexpensive, high-quality produce; how to PREPARE, STORE, and EAT raw food in ways that stretch their dollar; how to create and maintain a BUDGET; and even how to embrace the ABUNDANCE and JOY a budget can bring to their life!

In this talk, Brandi will teach you powerful strategies to reduce your food bills by 15 to 50%!

Brandi’s most recent book, Raw Foods on a Budget (Special Color Edition), will be available for sale for 19.95 (20% OFF). This 300-page book contains over 70 detailed strategies for enjoying a budget-conscious raw foods diet, and 90 delicious, low-cost recipes—each with their own cost estimates, money-saving tips, and nutrition information.

Read Brandi’d Bio Here:



Workshop Materials for Audience


How To Go and Stay Raw (10 page color booklet)


Free Online Materials

Brandi’s Favorite Budget Strategies (http://tinyurl.com/rfbudgetsampler)

8 Strategies to Starting a RAW Foods Diet Right Now (http://tinyurl.com/8rawstrategies)

Raw Foods on a Budget Book Preview (http://tinyurl.com/rawfoodsbudgetpreview)

Confessions of an East Coast Raw Vegan Book Preview (http://tinyurl.com/confessionspreview)



What to Bring:  -A lovingly prepared dish that is 100% raw and vegan and organic to serve 8-10 people. (Nothing cooked, and no animal products please).

-If you’re really new to this, feel free to ask us for suggestions or just bring some cut up organic fruit, veggies or your favorite vegan salad. You may also bring raw crackers or other raw dishes from Wholefoods, Cafe Gratitude or some other neighborhood store, if you don’t want to prepare anything this time.
-Please list your ingredients on an index card to place next to your dish.

In the spirit of being GREEN, please bring your own plate and utinsils. We will have some available just in case you forget – and if you do, please drop some extra $ in the donation bucket!

-Most importantly, bring your beautiful self and be ready to learn, share, and enjoy vibrant, delicious food!


$5 donation for Meetup and Potluck Expenses


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