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Six Steps Towards Joy

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Rudi and I keep the six steps towards joy in the forefront of our daily life, along with the A&R’s from The MCEO Freedom Teachings®. The Freedom Teachings “present a unique, cohesive, personally empowering understanding of the Context and Dynamics of the Evolution of Human Consciousness, and the inherent realities of Human Spirituality, as viewed from a united “spiritual-science” perspective….” The embodiment of The Freedom Teachings® have really enhanced our lives and strengthened our contributions in the world.  The six steps towards joy can be found in Ashayana Deane’s “Angelic Realities.”

Six Steps Towards Joy

SURRENDER TO THE MOMENT – Suspend all JUDGMENT and EXPECTATIONS. Open to receive the gifts and lessons in self-awareness that each moment holds. Transcend polarity thinking and seek the gift. What can I learn from this that will take me to higher levels of self-awareness?

BE HERE NOW – Direct thoughts out of the past and away from the future to the ever-present NOW. Observe without judgment what IS…….NOW. Am I right here right now?

FEEL – Shift from thinking to KNOWING. Suspend linear thought analysis and mind chatter andBreathe in the Now of your present moment AS ENERGY, to connect with your 3-D reality in Direct Cognition rather than indirect observation. What does NOW feel like? Answer without words. FEEL.

CHOOSE YOUR RESPONSE – ACT rather than REACT. We can change how we feel in any moment by changing our judgments of a situation. Take time to re-perceive circumstances of upset and reframe our judgments in search of the hidden gifts and potentials. In any moment we can CHOOSE how we will respond. How can I reframe this, and what is the best way to respond for joy?

EXPERIENCE STILLNESS – KNOW SILENCE ; Sit quietly, breathe slowly and deeply, cease mind chatter and hold the body as still as possible; block out or remove distracting stimuli. Bring attention to a Single Point of Focus and experience NO -Thing. Discover the Still Point of your Eternal Core. Shhhh.

HONOR YOUR WHOLE BEING: Pay attention to the signals of your body, mind, emotions,” Spirit-Inner-Child-Adolescent-Master, and honor the needs of your multiple parts in a balanced way. Find out what YOU really need, and give to others only that which makes you feel joyful to give freely. What do I REALLY need right now? Am I giving freely in joy or am I giving to receive? How can I fulfill my own needs?

Six Steps Towards Joy With Others

OWN YOUR OWN STUFF: When bothered, BREATHE, find the STILL POINT within, gently ask your Soul for solutions, and refrain from complaining and expecting others to resolve your issues. You have the power within to “unbother yourself” to restore joy, without violating the boundaries of others. Be assertive with others and lovingly ask them not to dump their “stuff” on you, reminding them of their power to create joy. Am I “dumping my stuff” on others right now? Am I allowing others to drain me by “dumping their stuff” on me ? What are the real issues?

RESPECT BOUNDARIES – Set and honor healthy personal boundaries and kindly but assertively remind others that you will not have them crossed. Respect others’ boundaries, and refrain from disrespect such gossip, unsolicited advice, critiquing and judging, making assumptions and presumptions, minding their business, attempting to directly or indirectly control their actions, attitudes or emotions. Respect people’s right to be who they are, and respect your own right to have and uphold personal boundaries. Am I genuinely respecting the boundaries of others? Am I allowing my boundaries to be violated? What actions can I take to change this?

MUTUALITY – Competition, “one-up-man-ship” and passing judgement on others are ego games that blind you to self-awareness and empowerment. If situations are approached from a “win-win” perspective of mutuality, and the highest vision for all is sought, joyful solutions will prosper. What is the highest win-win vision right now? How can we both get our needs met? Are we respecting each other’s boundaries? How will I heal or disengage non-mutual relationships?

BE EFFECTIVE – Having to be “right” implies making others wrong and sets the stage for conflict. Is being “right” more important than creating desired outcomes? Being EFFECTIVE is finding win-win solutions, respecting the rights of all to be exactly who and how they are, even if you disagree. If you do not respect each others’ boundaries and own your own stuff, you will be unable to create mutuality or effective solutions. If others need to make you wrong, recognize the ego game and refrain from engaging. You do not have to justify your existence to others and they do not have to justify their existence to you. Am I trying to make someone wrong? Is someone trying to make me wrong? Are we respecting each other’s boundaries and right to be? Can I engage this with effective action ?

RESPONSIBILITY: If we take responsibility for our words, actions, motives and experiences, we will not blame others for our problems and thus empower ourselves to solve them. Self-awareness comes from gently critiquing ourselves to determine where our actions are violating others or are ineffective. Replace blame with compassion, humility and effective action to reclaim your power to create joy. Am I acting responsibly or am I blaming others? Am I allowing others to use blame as a way to control or manipulate me? How can I take responsible action in handling my “stuff”?

HUMILITY – Humility is knowing your true place in relation to the universe and the environment around you. It is knowing that you are not above or below others, and that all beings and things are part of God and therefore, all should be treated with Love, Honor, Kindness, Respect, Mutuality, Allowance, Responsibility and Reverence. Do I act with Humility?

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