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ENZYMES! The Most Important Element to Vibrant Health

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Enzymes are it!

They are the energy spark of all life.  They are what make life possible.  We would not be able to smell, touch, taste, feel, move or think without them!  Did you know that we are all born with the ability to make only a limited number of enzymes throughout our whole life, and that number is based on our DNA?  This is called our “ENZYME POTENTIAL,” according to Dr. Edward Howell, “the father of food enzyme research”. Howell compares enzymes to construction workers that build your house.  They are the labor force that build and sustain your body.  Our limited amount of enzyme activity must last us a lifetime… once we run low, we begin to age and diseases may form.  Once we run out, our life ends.  I’ve come to learn that in order to increase longevity, vibrant health and overall quality of life, we need to preserve and increase our enzyme potential.  Here’s the deal:

There are three types of enzymes

food, digestive and metabolic.

Metabolic Enzymes are produced naturally in our body.  They help produce energy, remove toxins, repair damaged tissue, deliver oxygen to all organs, boost immune system, purify blood and basically help all organs function at their best.

Digestive Enzymes are also produced in our body.  They help break down proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fiber into nutrients to be absorbed for energy with waste is discarded.

Food Enzymes are found naturally in raw (live) food, and they become digestive enzymes when consumed, so the body does not have to make these enzymes and therefore can conserve our limited supply.  If food is cooked, processed or irradiated above 118 degrees, ALL the enzymes are destroyed and our body (pancreas) has to work extra hard to produce the enzymes for digestion – taking away energy that could be used to keep our organs functioning properly.

There are four ways to preserve or increase our enzyme potential

Eat raw foods, eat less calories, juice feast regularly, take plant based enzyme supplements.
Preserving our enzyme potential can increase longevity, energy, vitality and mental clarity, help with weight loss, clean the blood and slow the process of aging and disease.

It is estimated that 80% of our energy is spent on the digestive process in the average human eating cooked and/or processed food.  By eating raw foods, juice feasting and eating less, we allow our body to focus more on keeping our organs functioning properly and healing anything that is out of balance instead of working so hard on just the digestion of cooked and processed food in its unnatural state.  Enzyme deficiency, due to most energy going towards food digestion, may be the direct cause of many chronic diseases, and definitely contributes to aging.  It’s as if there is a competition in the body… a fight for enzymes to reach the organs and tissues to keep us balanced and healthy.  Enzyme supplementation is an excellent way to aid in the digestion of cooked foods and to preserve enzyme potential.

12 Personal Benefits

I have personally noticed dramatic positive change since beginning my raw food and enzyme supplementation journey.  After a few focused years of eliminating all processed foods, all toxins (caffein, alcohol, sugar etc.), all animal products, and virtually all cooked foods and regularly cleansing on juice and raw soups for 5 or more days, juice fasting once a week, eating less and eating mostly living foods; here’s what I’ve experienced, and so can you:

1) Weight loss

2) Clear Skin

3) Loads of Energy

4) Shine / Spark

5) Great Digestion

6) Mental Clarity

7) Less Sugar Cravings

8) Spiritual Evolution

9) Balanced Moods

10) Shiny Hair

11) New Like-Minded Friendships

12) Desire to Educate and Serve Others

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