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POP Into Action

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Green Your SPIRIT and The Hippocrates Health Institute launched The POP Campaign as an empowering stand to keep our voices and choices alive, keep organic standards pure, keep ourselves and others informed and educated and to take action in the name of healthy lifestyles…vibrant, hearty, organic, alive and responsible.  It is our mindset, choices, actions and quality of food and the environment that make a difference.

Whoever controls our food controls us.  We want to keep our freedom to choose healthy organic food for ourselves, and for the integrity of the environment.  Any toxicity within our inner AND outer environments is not tolerated; there is no going back.  There is no place for harmonization except with our own individual healthy human blueprint, communities, freedom and potential. This is our voice!

POP serves as a platform to translate our healthy lifestyles into action so as to keep channels open and to bring those laws and institutions along with our progress.  We invite you to participate and become educated ambassadors … and fearless  “lion tamers.”

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POP = Preserve Organic Power

The POP Campaign is a non-profit organization with four primary areas of focus:


We take a stand and voice our rights to preserve our choice to seed, grow, buy, sell and eat organic vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, herbs, vitamins supplements. This is our lasting legacy.


Pure organic foods hold the nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals that gives us life. We protect the integrity of pure organic processes from farm-to-mouth without the use of toxins, pesticides, fertilizers, pasteurization, irradiation, preservatives, artificial ingredients, or GMO’s.


We educate ourselves and others about the impact and changes in national and international laws, FDA guidelines, CODEX standards and other marketplace actions that affect our freedom to make our own health choices.


Our legacy to our children, grand children and ourselves is to take action NOW and set a stage of certainty for health and vitality.  Besides immediate action on legislations and positions in hearings, there will be many creative options presented that will be effective and make a difference.

In partnership with you, we take appropriate actions to keep our freedom! www.popcampaign.org

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