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16 detox and immune building tips to help us through flu season!

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IMG_0080The shift from fall to winter with colder weather kicking in and lots of holiday indulgence, is sometimes the most challenging time to boost the immune system; yet, this is the most crucial time for the boost, as viruses are flying around everywhere!  I’ve compiled a list of 16 natural detox and immune building tips that I’ve used over the years that work pretty darn good!  Let’s stay healthy this year! If you do happen to feel a flu coming on, there are natural remedies… Here you go:

1) Take high quality vitamin D3lipo-spheric vitamin CSOVEREIGN SILVER, and if you feel a throat cold coming on, Eclectic Institute Inc Lomatium Osha Throat Spray is what works for me!  Other great remedies are grapefruit seed extract, probiotics and zinc.  Check with your health practitioner for proper doses.

2) Drink 2-4 oz of fresh wheatgrass shots whenever possible and plenty of  green juices with any combination of cucumber, celery, kale, chard, cilantro, parsley, sprouts etc.

3) Move your body daily with yoga, walking or any form of exercise where you will break a sweat.

4) Drink detox teas made with combinations of dandelion, nettles, red clover, burdock, ginger, licorice, etc…. you can usually find a pre-made blend at the store, but fresh bulk herbs are the best.

5) Take lots of epsom salt baths and sweat!  I like to add lavender essential oil to my bath salts.  Another great detox bath is ginger powder!  Be sure to drink lots of water when you sweat!

6) If you know anyone with a far infrared sauna, go take a advantage and sweat more!

7) Drink lots of water with lemon and try adding cayenne pepper. Also, drink warm lemon with fresh ginger and cayenne… if needed, add a sweetener like stevia drops or honey.

8) Before taking antibiotics, make some organic raw soups, cooked soups or broths with garlic, onion , oregano, turmeric and cayenne pepper (natural antibiotics).  There is also a tincture called “Cyclone Cider Herbal Tonicmade of horseradish, ginger, garlic, cayenne, apple cider vinegar and more – all great herbs that help kill off the yucky stuff.

10) Do a liquid-only fasting day once a week with green juices, miso vegetable broth (not soy), detox tea, coconut water, raw green soups, wheatgrass, water with lemon and cayenne pepper, bluegreen algae and chlorella.

11) Cut out the sugars!! Viruses, bacteria, yeast, germs, fungus and cancer feed on sugar.

12) Eliminate white flour, sugar, caffein, alcohol, soy and other processed foods, as well as meat and dairy… ESPECIALLY if you feel a cold or flu approaching.

13)  Eat as much raw living food as possible (sprouts, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, sprouted grains).  If you eat some cooked foods as well, take enzymes and stick with whole foods like quinoa, millet, broccoli and other veggies, dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, sprouted tortillas, beans, veggie soups and miso soup.  You can use braggs, nama shoyu,  un-heated oils like olive oil, hemp oil and pumpkin oil, as well as other spices like cayenne, turmeric, garlic and onions!

14) Eat sauerkraut and take probiotics to boost your immune system, fight the flu, aid in digestion and fight cancer.

15) Do enemas with wheatgrass implants OR get a colonic. You can get a Disposable Enema Bag Set – Economy Enema Bag, Same as Above, Individually Bagged online or at a some pharmacies. You can get a 2oz syringe with a catheter tip or a BULB SYRINGE 2 OZ for an implant. Just use warm water to flush out your colon, then squeeze some fresh wheatgrass in and hold it as long as you can. Smile :) It’s really powerful, especially if you feel a flu coming on.

16) Get 20-30 minutes of sunshine on your skin daily, or take Vitamin D3 as listed above.

Have a wonderful winter!

Mikaële Holzer

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